about Cabinet adviseurs

Not your standard financial service provider

Cabinet Adviseurs originated from the family business Bureau Van der Heijden in Maastricht and Mr. Ralph Boesten from Maastricht.

Although we are not all blood relatives or in-laws, our collaboration is largely based on a passion for the profession, loyalty to each other, and to the clients who entrust us with their financial and tax issues.

Our noses point in the same direction, and we ensure that every day anew. We achieve this by assembling a strong team around us that is committed to continuous development and dedication. Not only for the company but especially for you as a customer. The ability to work in a team is, alongside knowledge, experience, and ambition, an indispensable quality for us.

The various services that our company offers are not separate islands within our enterprise but interconnected vessels. Just like the people who perform these services for you every day with great pleasure, everything is interrelated and dependent on each other; we firmly believe in that.

Don't you?


'Icon-based metaphor representing the traditional cabinet, drawer, and hanging file approach to document organization.'

'Traditional term in Germany for the private cellar of the winemaker where the finest wines were stored for personal use.'

'Lacquered case with a sliding lid. This packaging is reserved for cigars of the highest range.'

'Secret treasure, jewel room.'