What are the numbers telling you and what can you do with that information? What decisions will you make, now and in the future? These are matters that Cabinet consultants can advise you on. Your administration is the basis for compiling your company’s financial data. They could be annual figures or interim monthly or quarterly figures. It is crucial that the procedure used to compile the information is constant and fair (reliable, timely, correct, and complete), so that it produces usable financial information. Information that not only reflects the past but that your accountant can use to compile a forecast or (strict) budget for the future.

Our consultants always work in collaboration with you. After all, it is about your vision for the future. We support you, ask questions, scrutinize, and provide you with the financial interpretation that produces the budget or forecast. If required, you can periodically measure the extent to which your expectations are being met. You can expect your accountant to share their input and ideas with you throughout the process, and to advise you on how to proceed.


When it comes to administration or accounting, you decide for yourself which work you would prefer to outsource to Cabinet, and which you can handle yourself. Cabinet can offer you the option of internet accounting.


The consultants at Cabinet can also be of service to you if your administrative staff are temporarily ill, on maternity leave, or have left employment. That way, you can safeguard the continuity of your administrative business processes.

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